Software Process Models – A Quick Look

This blog is targeted at the audience that has some knowledge on software process models. What is a Software Process Model? A software process model is a standardized format for planning, organizing, and running a project. It is a description of the sequence of activities carried out in a project, and the relative order of... Continue Reading →

User Stories Vs Use Cases

A User Story expresses one very specific need that a user has. It’s usually written out as a couple of sentences. Most user stories are written in the language of the users, so any user should be able to read a user story and immediately understand what it means. A Use Case is similar to a user story, because... Continue Reading →

Business Analyst Vs System Analyst

The terms Business Analyst (BA) and System Analyst (SA) are often used interchangeably to describe the same job, actually, without knowing that the two are completely different roles with distinct descriptions and duties. Let me try to explain the differences between BAs and SAs, and also list a few commonalities shared by these positions. Roles... Continue Reading →

Types of Quality Assurance Audits

Quality Assurance (QA) audit is performed in order to ensure that the systems are in place and being followed religiously to provide good quality to the customers. It also highlights the need for any improvement in the systems in order to consistently deliver good quality products or services. The audits are also performed to make... Continue Reading →

Business Requirements Document

A Business Requirements Document (BRD) is a formal document that effectively provides an agreement between a vendor and a user. The user is typically a business department and the vendor is the company or other business department that will create and deliver the new product, system or process. Business requirements are the critical activities of... Continue Reading →

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