Continuous Deployment Vs Continuous Delivery

MisCon about Continuous Deployment? Actually, the thought of Continuous Deployment keeps some people away from adopting DevOps practices as they believe that they have to deploy every change to production. That is certainly not the case. First, you need to understand what is being deployed here and second, more importantly need to understand that Continuous Deployment is... Continue Reading →

Infrastructure as Code

A seasoned operations engineer have most certainly developed a toolkit of scripts that can be used, with minor changes, to perform all his regular tasks of provisioning and managing the plethora of environments already seen and dealt with over the years. When it comes of configurations, all the admin consoles dealt with are known. He can log in and make the... Continue Reading →

Continuous Testing and Continuous Monitoring

The goal of Continuous Integration is to enable Continuous Delivery of the code developers’ produce out to users. But first and foremost, it is to enable ongoing test and verification of the code, and to validate that the code produced and integrated with that from other developers and with other components of the application, functions... Continue Reading →

Dev Vs Ops

I'm extending my previous posts "Defining DevOps" and "CI / CD" with this post. Dev and Ops have misaligned, or contrasting priorities. While Dev and Ops’ ultimate goal is to make the user satisfied of the systems they provide, their views of how to do it tend to be inherently opposing. This is how they would like to... Continue Reading →

Defining DevOps

DevOps has become a buzzword and everyone talks about it, whether knowing it or not. Some excellent companies who have excelled and are at the leading edge of the DevOps crusade are even having contention and debate as to what truly is the best approach to DevOps. To my exploration and experience, I’m documenting what... Continue Reading →

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