Types of Software Testing – O

Operational Acceptance Testing (OAT):

See Operational Readiness Testing (ORT).

Operational Readiness Testing (ORT):

Operational readiness testing also known as pre go live testing is usually performed by software testers. As the name suggests, Operational readiness testing intends to validate the production environment after new version of the software is deployed in production environment. Software testers test the existing and new functionality to certify that the software is ready to be used by end users.

Orthogonal Array Testing:

This is a black box testing technique. Orthogonal array Testing is statistical and systematic way of Software testing. Orthogonal array Testing technique helps to minimize the number of test cases and maximize test coverage by grouping set of test conditions. Orthogonal testing is effective in case of GUI testing, Configuration testing where there are multiple input parameters and testing one parameter at a time would lead to large number of test cases.


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